OM Coaching

OM Coaching

franceOM Coaching and Mentoring can be delivered in French and English.  Materials are generally written in English i.e. (regrettably) the international language in finance, however they can be translated into French if more convenient to the audience (click the image on the right for more detail).

Mentoring (prerequisite level)

The following 3 topics are covered by OM Team Members through Mentoring:

Each course takes 6 to 8 hours in weekly 90-minute Skype sessions.  The cost for each course is 500 Euros.  A course is scheduled as soon as there is a minimum of 4 participants (max number seats is 8).  Check the Mentoring page for more detail.


coaching1Assuming a prerequisite level equivalent to the above courses, the following strategies are then offered by OM Team Members on a 1-to-1 Coaching basis:

Coaching is charged by the hour at 120 Euros per hour.  It generally takes a minimum of 10 hours over a period of 2 months to fully understand each strategy.  Note that the Weirdor is easier to learn than the Bearish Butterfly, the M3 being more complex.  A personalised programme can be discussed with a specific quotation (e.g. 20 hours for 2000 Euros).

It is then recommended to book follow-up sessions and subscribe to the appropriate Alert Service (entries, adjustments and exits).  Each Alert Service costs between 100 and 120 Euros per month.

Community Coaching

coaching pieces-001All registered OM Members with a minimum track record of 1 year on a given strategy can offer coaching services under the OM umbrella.


Please send us a message on the Contact page to discuss this further.  OM is meant to grow as a focused social network, as a community venture that will evolve continuously thanks to the passion, the energy and experience of all its members.




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