OM Mentoring

NOV 30th ’15 UPDATE

Mentoring Classes for Beginners are unfortunately not ready yet.  In the meantime, please check our partner site Capital Discussions or the CBOE Learning Center.

OM Mentoring

Training-and-CoachingThe following 3 topics are covered in both French and English by OM Team Members through Mentoring classes:

Each course takes 6 to 8 hours in weekly 90-minute Skype or Webex sessions.  The cost for each course is 500 Euros (discounts may apply).  A course can be scheduled as soon as there is a minimum of 4 participants (max number seats is 8).  Mentoring goes further than teaching a theory or technique.  Each course includes a mentoring part to discuss personal goals and horizons in depth starting with the following questions:

  • Do you want to become a full-time trader ?
  • Do you want to make it a profession in the institutional worlds ?
  • What are your expectations ?

Each course will later be separated into Regular and Advanced levels.

Community Mentoring

group coachingOM Community Members can also provide peer-to-peer courses on topics and levels of their choices.  In order to cover overheads and teleconferencing costs, OM charges are limited to 10% of revenues with a minimum of 50 Euros per student for community-based courses.

Any OM Community Member can organise a course.  However, a prior assessment (track record, respect of the OM code of conduct etc.) will determine whether the course is to be recognised and branded by Options Masters.  Qualified recorded material will be placed on YouTube and other social media with full credits to the OM Member who leads his or her group.

For more detail please go to our Contact page.


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