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Options Ahead !

This recommended website reading collection could be called the Rookie’s Corner, however it would be unfair as it is always necessary and interesting to (humbly) refresh one’s memory or learn more on options behaviour, characterised by the Greeks, market volatility etc.

recommended website reading

Recommended Website Reading

  1. The Options Industry Council – comprehensive online tutorial and lots of helpful articles
  2. The Options Guide – undeniably one of the best references on options.  Free and not commercial !
  3. Wikinvest – a good Wiki with lots of free articles on Options Trading Strategies
  4. Learn Stock Options Trading – a site with good tutorials for beginners
  5. Great Option Trading Strategies – the name speaks for itself, yet always be careful not to address too many strategies at a time… Options can certainly be overwhelming.
  6. CBOE Options Toolbox. – An outstanding piece of software that demonstrates how any options trade can work in theory.  CBOE is the Mecca of options trading in the USA so their website cannot be missed.
  7. Understanding Risk – Characteristics & Risks of Standardised Options, also known as the options disclosure document (ODD) as provided by all options brokers and often overlooked by junior trader.
  8. DiscoverOptions – This is an OptionVue partner site.  It includes webcasts and articles in English.
  9. Capital Discussions – A wealth of resources including their useful blog and forums.  This link could be ranked 1st yet, beginners may want to read the above materials first.  Their YouTube Channel is an absolute must for their experts’ roundtables as well as market updates.  Definitely worth subscribing.
    CD includes an alert service for the Weirdor, however not quite aimed at an European audience.  Options Masters follows the exact same guidelines and offers a similar alert service.
  10. Sheridan Mentoring – Dan Sheridan is an absolute reference in options trading.  Courses start in the region of $2400.
  11. Options Elements from Tony Sizemore.
  12. Parkwood Capital  Dr Duke’s talks on options trading. (no hype training!)
  13. Mark Sebastian is a well known US Coach.

Brokers often have a learning centre.  They generally make options trading look easier than it is, however trading is only as good as its actual execution.  Hence, one should always get acquainted with the market through their vantage point and play a bit with their platforms to get a better feel before going live.


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