The Options Masters Community

The Options Masters Community

Options MastersAs expressed by our logo, OM’s goal is to create and manage a strong collaborative peer-to-peer community of like-minded options traders, connected and tapping into a social network of international experts.  Our marketing objective is to offer a great traders’ social network platform for French and English speaking options traders in the EMEA time zones (UTC+1 to UTC+4) from Dublin in Ireland to Port Louis in Mauritius.  Other languages like Spanish may be added later for better coverage.  At this time the traded markets are still American, i.e. CBOE, yet we shall try in due course to also accommodate European exchanges.

Why joining the OM Community ?

Options trading is a vast topic, one that requires traders sometimes years of experience to be truly comfortable with.  Trading can seem relatively easy and all of a sudden a position goes terribly wrong, without really knowing why?  The learning curve can be steep and related costs quite heavy.

For that purpose, the OM Community is first and foremost a platform to meet other traders of all levels, to discuss and share trade ideas, experiences and feedbacks on classic strategies or new ones.  Forums are there for you to communicate and exchange on topics like analysis software, brokers, market conditions, or simply to cool off and discuss about anything.

Trading any asset class and in particular options can indeed be a very lonely business.  It however does not have to be a curse one has to endure as a by-product on the way to trading success.  Traders used to be very secretive about whatever edge they had.  Things have now changed.  The Internet has changed traders’ mentalities, particularly in the options segment.  The most successful traders exchange, communicate and overall enjoy a more balanced life.  That is also the message we would like to convey at Options Masters:  Long term traders also have a life !

It does not mean that training and coaching has to be free for all though; that is why OM has built a specific business model for everyone to be able to reap the benefits of sharing knowledge.

Advancing in the OM Traders’ Community

OMCC is the Options Masters Coaching & Community.

group coachingAll OMCC Members, all students can count on the OM community to eventually also become “Options Masters“.  We indeed endeavour to encourage the more experienced traders to join the OM Team and take part in the coaching of newer students in the field they are comfortable with.  It will be actually be very simple to classify the level of experience with a specific badge, for instance M3 Assistant, Weirdor Coach.  Please contact us if you would like to be with us on this exciting journey.

Features will be soon added to allow private chats, screen sharing and webinars.  For the time being, I invite you to participate in our new forums.  All you need is to register !

OM Membership Cost

  • Basic OM Membership starts at 20 Euros per month or 200 Euros per year (waived until May 1st 2016 or later).
    • Basic membership gives right to a weekly live webinar on market review and position updates.  It also gives access to a large part of the private members-only forums on
  • Premium Membership costs 50 Euros a month or 500 Euros per year (waived until May 1st 2016 or later).
    • It gives right to Basic Membership plus full access to private Forums.  Annual subscribers are also entitled to a 10% discount on all coaching and alert services.
  • OM Assistants are offered a 50% discount on Basic and Premium Memberships (check this page for details)
  • OM Coaches and OM Masters are waived membership costs as soon as they start offering their pay-services (coaching, mentoring or alerts) to the OM Community.
  • Free registered members can access all resources on this OM site, including this Forum, but cannot post on private forums.

Would you like to know more about the OM Community? Best is to contact us at any time to discuss how you can contribute to disseminating your knowledge to the OM Community and thus make us all better options traders.

You are there ! (check this page).  Make yourself heard !

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