The Options Masters Team

Bruno Voisin

Options Masters Founder
MSc-MBA Finance

I have been living and breathing options and other asset classes (FX, Futures, ETFs) since the mid 90s.  Originally more of a techie than a trader, trading options became more and more obvious as it blends in perfectly with my ‘unorthodox’ lifestyle (check my post on Africa).

I have founded Options-Masters after seeing a fantastic gap and opportunity in the “Coaching & Community” segment in Europe, particularly one that does not rely on a superstar options “guru”.  The business model is 100% collaborative and aims to eventually become THE options social network on the web.  Every seasoned trader who wishes to join the OM Team is most welcome.  For now it starts with sound income trading techniques, but this initiative is an open-ended collaborative venture meant to keep surprising me for years to come!

Check below my “partners in crime” 🙂


Christophe Ollari

“The Instit”

I worked for major banking institutions in Europe from the early 90s until 2012, running the Multi Asset classes and multi-currency Relative Value Desk (interest rates, stock market index, foreign exchange, commodities and credit).  Derivatives and especially options were a major financial instruments in my daily trading, to either hedge the fat tail risk or to express my short to long term views on the markets. In that period, I developed not only a passion for options but a true understanding and respect of what you can do or not with them.

During my last years in banking, I had also the privilege to be in charge of the graduate program and therefore shared my knowledge and experience about the “options world” with either newcomers or more advanced people.

Being part of the Options Masters new adventure is a privilege.  It will allow us to develop, learn and use new trading techniques and models, to build up a trading community which will grow organically and move forward together.  Options Masters is a true pioneer and will become a reference in the years to come.

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