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Yes, there is a life outside trading, and being part of the OM Community goes beyond learning, coaching and trading, it can also be fun, enjoyable and in fact give life a purpose.  This topic could be the umpteenth one in the forums, the “watercooler”, however we truly believe it deserves its own prime ‘real estate’, its own place, where OM Members can share their life story, their aspirations, and basically talk about anything, from past trading mistakes to futures holidays or retirement.  A balanced lifestyle is essential to reach not only success but sheer satisfaction in your life.

PrintHence we would like to dedicate this particular blog area to sharing your anecdotes, your relaxation tips, your after-hours hobbies, or whatever you do to make yourself happy outside trading hours.  It is clear that self-realisation does not come from making money on the markets, but how you spend it, for your family and friends, or for a greener planet, or any greater good out there.

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