What to expect ?

Options Masters is there to provide the trader with:

  • A fast track to stable income generation with options
  • A focus on one single proven trading method
  • An emphasis on learning and building self-confidence

Once the trading method is known, understood and practised regularly, the student can explore complementary methods, approach weekly strategies if compatible with trading style and lifestyle, and possibly making it a full time occupation.

It takes on average 6 months to 1 year to be able to trade options consistently.  This depends mostly on the initial level and the willingness to learn.  Most traders will never need to go beyond the main “bread and butter” trading method.  That method is quasi mechanical and indeed often proves adequate to the trader’s profile.

What does it cost to reach that level ?

  1. The Beginner’s Courses (one on one on Skype or TeamViewer) lasts for 6 to 8 hours. Each costs 1000 Euros per person ( or 500 Euros per person in groups – min 4, max 8).  They include a comprehensive cover of options basics, greeks and fundamental strategies.  It does not include the trading platform as such, nor details on executions, i.e. it remains fairly theoretical.  However the maths behind it are kept to a minimal level.  Extra hours are charged 100 Euros if it takes longer to reach the prerequisite level for the Intermediate Course.  More detail on the Coaching page.
  2. Intermediate Course (one on one on Skype, TeamViewer) lasts 6 to 8 hours and costs 1500 Euros.  We then look deeper in strategies, start to apply them on a platform and enter trades, either demo or live.  We there already focus on income strategies, and particularly market neutral strategies.  Extra hours are charged 200 Euros if it takes longer to reach the prerequisite level for the Advanced Course.
  3. Advanced Course (one on one on Skype, TeamViewer).  This course is open ended i.e. the objective is to get the trader to fly on his/her own with the main trading approach.  It includes a minimum of 1 hour per week for 3 months and costs 3000 Euros and can be repeated to follow up actual trades and their adjustments.  After 6 months, the trader can then either subscribe to the alert service for 150 Euros a month or go for the full support service for 300 Euros per month.

Please contact us for more detail.

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